OK everyone, my sister says I should give you guys some real life tips and that people love numbers so thus begins the Top 5 Series. Hopefully you will laugh, cry and want to read it again and again……

Drum roll please.

Number 5- Never let your subs set the finish date for your project. It’s your project so make sure they buy in to your timeline (as long as it’s realistic). If you want, set agreed upon bonuses/penalties.

Number 4- Never agree to an hourly rate for a job. You have deadlines right? You want to keep them? Cigarette and coffee breaks will triple like a bad DOT union jobsite if it’s an hourly job.

Number 3- Until they’ve earned your trust, always approve work stages before payments. Inspect what you expect.

Number 2- Again, until they’ve earned your trust, don’t allow subs to charge to your accounts or use your corporate card.

Number 1- Never let your contractor order lunch for the work crew. First of all, I’ve never had a contractor offer to buy anyone lunch, much less the entire crew. Needless to say, you will be lucky not to get Pringles and a YooHoo for lunch. If you want a good lunch, and don’t want to feel like an ass when you get back, you have to buy lunch. Yes, you will spend more but at least you get exactly what you want and your guys may help you load your truck……for free……kind of……..

Top 5: Things you should never allow subcontractors do