OK, we’ve had a lull in the postings while I finished a house, prepared to buy another one and went fishing in Florida with my Dad. You should have seen the shark he hooked! Have you ever seen a 5-foot black tip jumping and spinning??? It was the ……….er……sorry! This is Huthmaker Homes, not the Bill Dance Outdoor Fishing show.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…….

So if you haven’t noticed, Home Depot has really stretched the boundaries of Home Improvement products. For those of you that haven’t memorized your local HD layout like I have, I’ll fill you in.

Drum Roll please…….

Number 5: The stupid tiny paint roller tray and roller that is about the size of something you’d get in a Cracker Jack box. Really? I can’t imagine filling the thimble sized tray and refilling it every 3 minutes. Really? Get a small brush and paint like a pro……

Number 4: Toilet paper. I really didn’t expect to see Charmin for sale at my local manly man store. I understand that a jobsite portapotty can get a little rough sometimes but Charmin? Geez! Real carpenters would grab some 220-grit sandpaper and a magazine. It’s gotta be better than a corn cob and an outhouse.

Number 3: Plug in air fresheners. Ok, as I mentioned, portapots can get rough but plug ins? Our outhouse doesn’t have electricity. I can just picture my framers going to plug in their skilsaw into the extension cord and there’s a plug in air freshener. Really? Send the plug ins to Lowes where the girly girls shop.

Number 2: Flowery keys. I know that all good hardware stores have key copying machines but do you really need flower covered house keys? See previous Lowes comment. Nuff said….

Number 1: Anything with the words “Variety Pack” in the title. You have to be surgical in your shopping. Find out what you need and get it. Remember all that extra crap that clogs up your garage/basement/junk drawer? The vast majority of it came from a Variety Pack because you were not quite sure in what you needed so you went for the shotgun blast approach. In the end you used 2 screws out of the 144 piece Variety pack.

As a side note, nothing of quality comes in a Variety Pack except those bags of small Hershey bars you hand out at Halloween. Dark Chocolate was my fave. Yum!

That’s it folks.



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