So we have a new roof going on our latest project and I had the wonderful reminder that I am not a roofer.  I’m not happy on roofs.  I’m not a fan of heights.  Can I do a roof? Yes.  Have I hung 3 stories up wearing a harness? Yes.  Am I still alive? Yes.  Did I tell my mom I’ve done this. NO!!!

Number 5: It’s really hard.  If you don’t believe me, go rip two layers of roof off a small porch, load it in a dumpster, pick up every nail (since you aren’t a roofer, you don’t own the cool rolling magnet so you have to do it by hand), apply new roof.  Now multiply that by 10 and hang two stories off the ground.

Number 4: Supplies.  That DIY Network show didn’t give you a shopping list did it?  I guarantee you that every other time you climb up on the roof, you will realize you forgot something (roof boots, shingle caps, etc).  I don’t mean you forgot it on the ground.  I mean you forgot to buy it.  HINT: If you use a pro roofing supply shop, they can help with this.  Wait! Forget I said that.  You didn’t need to know that……

Number 3: Weather.   Do you really think you can work as fast as the pros can? I swear the pros can dance a jig while doing things 5 times as fast.  As a result of your speed, as soon as you’ve ripped off half your roof and made 5 extra trips to Home Depot, it starts to rain.  Oh yeah, you forgot to buy tarps didn’t you? The pros would have some in their trucks……..

Number 2: Tools.  So you watched 5 DIY shows and bought two books and had your brother in law give you his opinion but you still don’t have the cool kid toys that the pros have.  The best is the ladder lift that carries the shingles for you.  Didn’t get that did ya?

Number 1: Gravity. Yeah, that gravity is a real bitch.  Ask my buddy how he shattered his wrist (that’s the term the doc used).  The doctor stopped counting at 25 pieces of bone. It’s a primary reason insurance policies usually prohibit roofing.  Did you buy the safety harness? See Number 2.  Oh wait, you still have to climb up to the peak to install the anchor.  Did you use the proper nails on the anchor (screws aren’t strong enough)?

Honorable Mention: Knowledge. There are just too many little skills and details that if you screw up, leaks will happen.  If you are lucky, you find them immediately and can fix them.  If you aren’t, the leak shows up 1 year later as mold and rot.   

Seriously folks, there are just some things that aren’t DIY jobs.  Roofing ranks number one with plumbing and electric a close second.  Basically, if you can die or destroy your house, hire a pro.






Top 5: Reasons You Should Never Do Your Own Roof