Welcome to the inside of our past houses.  You can find more of these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Beachfront Branford

Welcome to some sun and sand.  This project came to us through a wholesaler and looks to be a pretty simple renovation.  I know, famous last words!  New kitchen and 3 new baths along with an entire face lift with a little botox here and there will make this a stunner of a home.




1 Hawkins Ave.

This home came to us as an estate sale.  A long time East Norwalk family (no names necessary for privacy) lived here for many generations.  It was empty for the last 6-8 years and when it became available we jumped at the opportunity to bring it back to life!  I had the pleasure of renovating a neighboring house 3 years ago and had noticed it back then. Like all projects, when you start peeling the layers, you never know what you will find in an old home built in the 1880’s.

Exterior Before

hawkins_ext_before_front_1 hawkins_ext_before_front_2

Exterior After


Here is a video of the home before we began construction.  You can check our progress on our YouTube channel HERE!


And here is a video of the home AFTER completion.